GDS Services, part of the GDS group of companies, is a Chicago based company founded by George Savitzky in 1976. GDS offered engineering services to the energy industry both in the US and Brazil for the first 24 years. Its principal clients were nuclear utilities, power plants and design and construction companies. Among its clients were: Commonwealth Edison of Chicago, Consolidated Edison of New York and Furnas Centrais Elétricas in Rio de Janeiro.

George Savitzky, President of GDS, grew up in Brazil, the son of Russian immigrants. Mr. Savitzky, an engineer, who speaks fluent Portuguese and Russian, concentrated on doing business in the US, Brazil and for the last 10 years also in Russia. While working in Brazil and Russia, Mr. Savitzky noticed that many US companies were not realizing their full business potential mainly due to issues related to language, local culture and business practices. This often resulted in missed opportunities.

In 2000, GDS began offering companies trying to do business in Brazil and Russia consulting services to help them grow their market share. Each country has a unique way of doing business and different cultural characteristics. GDS specializes in identifying these differences between the US, Brazil and Russia.

We work closely with companies to:

  • Identify markets that offer the right fit
  • Create market penetration strategies
  • Develop local business relationships
  • Procure and link buyers and sellers
  • Identify requirements for successful business
    transactions based on local rules and regulations

The global marketplace currently offers exciting business opportunities. Russia and Brazil are big countries with vast resources and together they have a population larger than that of the United States. It is predicted that in the next decades their economies will grow at a tremendous rate. The opportunities in Brazil and Russia are endless.

Let us work together to take advantage of these opportunities.

GDS also has offices in New York, St. Petersburg, Russia, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Our telephone number in Chicago is 312-623-3583.